Announcement Date: September 1, 2016

Prototype boat details:

Hulls: 10m long, 112mm wide, 600mm deep with tapered tips, 500mm x 300mm rudder at the end of each hull connected to the tiller via rigid cable.
Hull construction is 100mm thick Kingspan insulation foam with 100mm x 50mm timber beams around edges and 5.5mm plywood panels on sides, painted in VW Indian Blue. (Materials supplied by Duffield Building Serviecs, paint job by Bromham’s Bodyworks) approx. 100kg per hull.

Deck :18mm plywood / timber construction, 2400 wide (i.e. hulls are 2200mm apart), 1800 long. With 200mm deep 18mm ply stiffeners underneath and plywood recumbent seats mounted above. Approx. 100kg including fore and aft hull stiffeners.

Transmission / propulsion: 3 off pedal / crank assemblies driving a single common shaft above the deck at a 3:1 gear ratio, then another chain drive at 2:1 ratio (giving overall ration of 6:1 prop:pedal speed).
Final drive beneath deck via two universal joints down to propeller shaft / bearing assembly at the bottom of the keel (materials provided by Eggleston Steel, machined parts by ProMach3D)
Propeller is a twin blade model aero propeller (other prop details are Top Secret).

Record attempt details:
Similar design philosophy: 3 crew recumbent, sideways on to direction of travel, catamaran with aluminium / carbon spaceframe deck and carbon hulls (details secret at this stage)